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The Show

The Magistrate is a farce by the English playwright Arthur Wing Pinero which, tells the story of a respectable magistrate who finds himself caught up in a series of scandalous events that almost cause his disgrace. It stars Tony Award winning actor John Lithgow.

This funny and charming revival of Arthur Wing Pinero's Victorian comedy is directed by Timothy Sheader and features songs with lyrics by Richard Stilgoe of Cats, Starlight Express and The Phantom of the Opera.

The Story

With his louche air and a developed taste for smoking, gambling, port and women, it’s hard to believe Cis Farringdon is only fourteen. And that’s because he isn’t. Agatha his mother lopped five years from her true age and his when she married the amiable Posket.

Well, when I heard the new dad was a police magistrate, I was scared. Said I to myself, “If I don’t mind my Ps and Qs, the Guv’nor – from force of habit – will fine me all my pocket-money.”

The imminent arrival of Cis’ godfather sends Agatha incognito to the Hô-tel des Princes to warn him of her deception. But it’s also where her son has cajoled his otherwise staid stepfather into joining him for a binge. High-spirited carousing leads to a police raid and a night of outrageous mishap as the trapped guests make desperate attempts to conceal themselves from the law and from each other. Indignities escalate at court the next day where Posket, the police magistrate, must preside.

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This show has now closed

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