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The Show

Mrs Lowry and Son is a new drama from BAFTA-nominated writer Martyn Hesford. This blistering, funny and poetic new play lays bare the oddities of life and the longing at the heart of a man who found great success in his later years, an overlooked genius ignored by the art establishment- a true outsider.

The Story

It is 1934 L.S Lowry is a rent collector and living at home with his mother who has taken to her bed for the last 10 years demanding food, gossip and complete devotion. It is only at night, while his mother sleeps, that he can go to the attic and paint. Mrs Lowry ridicules her sons paintings. L.S Lowry was in his early fifties when his singular vision of industrial life in the noth of England met with critical and commercial success. For the artist himself, true success was rooted closer to home in the opinions of his mother Elizabeth Lowry; a formidable woman whose life was blighted by dissapontment and whose disapproval of her son irrevocably shaped his future.

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This show has now closed

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