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Have lots of sons with nothing to inherit, Uncle Simone has no sons with lots to inherit.

This high spirited drama by Pirandello takes us to the heart if a rural community where property and family provoke fierce passions. Richard Eyre directs Tanya Ronder's new version, performed by an Irish cast and gypsy musicians. It's unexpected, funny and touching.

The Story

Sicily, summer 1916. Gossiping and singing, the women gather to harvest old Simone's almond crop. He's the richest landowner in the district but he has no heir. Local lad Liola , untroubled by convention, has fathered three little boys, each with a different mother and that only intensifies Simone's anguish. When another of the girls falls pregnant, Simone is persuaded he might recognize the baby as his own. But he has forgotten the charms of his slighted young wife Mita, who is not so easily crushed. The story is unexpected, funny and touching.

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This show has now closed

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