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The Show

Diqui James is co-founder of Argentinian performance group De Le Guarda, and the mastermind behind Fuertzabruta  - that's 'Brute Force' to you and me. 

The show takes circus and theatrical spectacle into supremely advanced, hitherto unchartered territory and creates an astonishing, beautiful, heart-pounding performance that will make you feel like you've stumbled into a particularly amazing dream.

The Story

Due to phenomenal demand, the fastest-selling show in Roundhouse history returns for 100 performances. Fuerzabruta is an event where worlds collide, where dreams are real and reality takes a back seat.

Its mind-blowing visual effects must be seen to be believed: a man bursting through a series of moving walls, an entire watery world suspended just inches above the audience. Fuerzabruta is a theatrical experience that floods the senses. Give in to it, let go and enjoy the spectacular ride.

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This show has now closed

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