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The Show

Baggage is a new play written by writers - and best friends - Mike Charlesworth and John Muirhead, about two old college friends who are re-united and struggle with the online dating world. The original idea for Baggage came about in a pub, The Lansdowne in Primrose Hill, which has a central role in the play, as does Primrose Hill itself and many other facets of Mike and John’s life of ten years ago.

Baggage draws heavily on research into people who have used dating sites. John and Mike have felt for a long time that online dating is now so much a part of our lives and so ripe with dramatic potential that a work like Baggage is long overdue. The play stars former Hear'say singer and star of TV's Holby City Suzanne Shaw, with Nicola Stapleton, Charlie De'ath, Richard Mylan and Dan Wilder.

The Story

Baggage is a story of friends reunited through tragedy. As they struggle to repair their damaged relationship before it's too late, we follow them via flashback to Primrose Hill and Lima Airport in 2007, to witness the planting of seeds of later events as they clamber onto the rollercoaster of Internet dating.

It's a touching and timely tale of damaged relationships that examines the post-Internet promise that we're never more than two clicks away from blissful happiness, and asks the poignant question: What became of the people we used to be?

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This show has now closed

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