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Celebrated charegrapher and performer Akram Khan’s latest work made its world premiere in 2011 to undisputed critical praise. DESH, his most personal work to date, is a full length contemporary solo performance that was hailed as "a masterpiece" by The Observer and won an Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production.

Reflecting on life in Bangladesh, the choreography portrays several characters through Khan’s own body and voice. For this solo performance, he has joined with Oscar-winning Chinese visual artist Tim Yip (production designer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Olivier Award-winning composer Jocelyn Pook and British slam poet Polar Bear.

The Programme

Although born in London, Khan has a strong attachment to his homeland of Bangladesh. DESH, which means ‘homeland’ in Bengali, is a full-length performance inspired by the artist’s motherland. After critically acclaimed collaborations with artists including Sylvie Guillem, Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley, DESH is set to be one of Khan’s most personal works, as he seeks to reconnect with his cultural roots.

The show explores the idea of transformation portrayed through themes of body, land, identity and memory as Khan examines the contradictions of his own British-Asian identity.

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