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The Show

From the remnants of monarchy to Communism, democracy, war and the EU: Croatia 1945-2011. The Kos family argue, fall in and out of love.

Against a country in turmoil, Tena Stivicic's 3 Winters created the portrait of an eclectic family, held  together by the courage to survive. 

The Story

World after world is erected and torn down around them. The one constant is the ivy-clas house in Zagreb, build by aristocrats, partitioned, owned by all, owned by a few; witness to four inreasingly educated  and independent generations of women.

But when the family assemble for Lucia's wedding , Alisa learns that her nouveau-riche brother in law has bought the once nationalized house . For the bride this is progress, for her sister it's a shady act of greed. For their principled parents, finally, it's one battle too many. 

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This show has now closed

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