Michael Palin Plays God In Spamalot

A string of stars have been taking turns at playing God in the Playhouse Theatre's Spamalot this summer. As a late and very welcome addition to their number, it's been announced that Monty Python's own Michael Palin will be performing the role of the Supreme Being in the show during the week of 26 August. 

The 'Summer Of Spamalot Charity Gods' began on 15 July. The onscreen role of God is usually played in the show by Palin's former Python team-mate and Spamalot co-creator Eric Idle, but he's stepped aside to allow a host of big names to cast their divine influence over the show instead. The proceeds of their appearances go to charities of their choice.

According to Spamalot's producers, "Palin has decided to 'fart in the general direction' of fellow Python legend Eric Idle" to benefit his nominated charity, Action for Stammering Children. Palin's father was a chronic stammerer, and the inspiration in part for Palin's portrayal of the hapless Ken in classic movie comedy A Fish Called Wanda. 

The current revival of Spamalot opened in the West End last November to positive reviews and continues its successful run. Les Dennis is presently in situ as King Arthur, alongside Bonnie Langford as the Lady Of The Lake. Sometime Ewok and Ricky Gervais collaborator Warwick Davis joins the cast as Patsy from 23 September.

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