Rock Of Ages Closes At Shaftsbury Theatre

Eighties-set musical Rock Of Ages is closing on 6 January 2013 at the Shaftesbury Theatre. To-be-conformed unconfirmed reports suggest that it may be rehoused in the Duchess Theatre come the New Year. The cast have been informed of the closure.

Bawdy, audience-rousing Rock of Ages is a celebration of the classic rock era of the '80s, and is built around many of the classic rock anthems of the era that was so profitable for the likes of Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon and Joan Jett.

The musical opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre in September of last year with Shayne Ward and Justin Lee Collins topping the bill, both of whom have recently departed its ranks.

It currently stars Candian Tim Howar as Stacee Jaxx, Ross Hunter as Drew and Natalie Andreou as Sherrie.

Rock of Ages is set in LA’s Sunset Strip in 1987 and focuses on the stories of Drew, a boy from South Detroit, and Sherrie, a small town girl. They both come to LA to chase their dreams of hitting the big time, and are soon drawn into the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

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