Tell Us Why You Love Sooty To Win Sooty In Space Tickets And Sooty Booty!

If you’re the stargazing type - or you’ve just got the hots for Prof. Brian Cox - you’ve probably heard about the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. But who needs 'SETI' when you've got Sooty?

Every child’s favourite bear is heading out into the inky blackness of the cosmos in search of alien life this Christmas, in a brilliant little family show at the West End’s Duchess Theatre called Sooty In Space.

The intrepid ursine adventurer will be joined, as always, by puppet pals Soo and Sweep and human chum Richard Cadell as he ventures into the unknown in search of amazing alien creatures including the Flying Cups and Saucers, the Dancing Martians and the Giant Triplod.

It’s a sweet, funny and hugely entertaining treat for little ’uns and grown-ups alike. Helpfully, we’ve got a family-centric 4 tickets for the show and 5 super-cute Sooty hand puppets to give away thanks to our lovely friends, the producers of Sooty In Space.

All you have to do for your chance to WIN one of these great prizes is enter a comment below this article and let us know why you love Sooty and why you think you should win. Peasy!

For more information about Sooty In Space at the Duchess Theatre and to buy tickets, click here. Or just leave a comment below for your chance to win a family trip to the show. Closing date for entries is 17 Dec.