Andrew Lloyd Webber is writing a new musical based on the Profumo Affair, the scandal that rocked the world of British politics in 1963. 

According to the New York Post, the Phantom composer has reunited with one of his Sunset Boulevard collaborators, lyricist Don Black, for the project. He is considering enlisting his other collaborator on that show, Christopher Hampton, to write the new musical's book.

Barring a couple ofsongs he composed for The Wizard Of Oz, the Profumo musical will be Lloyd Webber's first original work since Love Never Dies in 2010.

The Profumo Affair had a seismic effect on British society, effectively bringing to an end the public's deference to politicians and other public figures that had been the norm up 'til then.

John Profumo was the British Government's Secretary of State War at the height of the Cold War with the USSR. When his affair with high-class call girl Christine Keeler was exposed, it emerged that she had also been conducting a relationship with a high-ranking Soviet official.

Osteopath Stephen Ward (pictured right), who had introduced the various parties to one another, was eventually pressured into taking his own life.

Much like Scandal, Michael Caton-Jones' hit 1989 Brit-flick dramatisation of the Profumo Affair, Lloyd Webber's musical will take Ward's story as its central focus. 

Lloyd Webber has outlined his intentions to pastiche the musical styles of the era for the show, including jazz, swing, skiffle and early rock.

Lloyd Webber is the world's most successful composer of musicals, with Phantom, Cats and Evita just three of his many globe-straddling hits.

Black and Hampton won Tony Awards for their work on Sunset Boulevard. Black's other credits as a lyricist include Bonnie & Clyde, Bombay Dreams and Aspects of Love. Hampton's plays include The Philanthropist and Les Liasons Dangereuses.

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